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Bo Ekström, the founder of byBO design is the fourth generation of furniture makers from Småland Sweden. He combines in his own special way beautiful light Scandinavian-style design with his uncompromising demand for quality, safety and function. The year was 1987 – the first of four children had just been born. Bo was irritated by how unpractical all changing tables were and started to think of better solutions. He started designing an alternative and the outcome was Pippi/Vegga, the first wall-mounted changing table. It turned out to be the favourite of hundreds of thousands of new parents. The next product was Nathi, a changing table in die-cast beechwood that has won several international awards.

Bo has two watchwords: design and function. (A chair that isn't comfortable to sit on isn't a chair; it may possibly be a sculpture). He only uses good old traditional materials: wood, glass, steel, stone and natural materials. He has always taken consideration to the environment right from the very beginning through his choice of materials and durable products. (”We throw away far too much – I believe in timeless, beautiful design”) Now that the new byBO design team is in place Bo can devote himself wholeheartedly to supplementing his collection and also develop his children's furniture range for disabled parents.

Bo on innovation

I always wondered what more I can offer in a piece of furniture? It can be a matter of smart solutions for storing, hanging up systems, making it less bulky, washable or easily accessible in a wheelchair.

Bo on his idiom:

I am very interested in the history of technology and architecture. But I have always been extra susceptible to things of beauty. I want to simplify, create a light feeling of almost flying. I use the technique, the science of the strength of materials, to create a lightness that is durable.